May 29, 2018

Vulnerability Assessment

See Your Organization Like the Bad Guys See It

To obtain a true understanding of your network security posture and how to improve it, you must identify, quantify, and prioritize your IT security risks.

Attackers are always seeking an easy path to exploit your environment. Vulnerabilities that exist in your systems and applications provide that path.

To determine where your risks reside, CBI’s Vulnerability Assessment – whether internal, external, or both – reviews applications, systems, and networks for software and configuration vulnerabilities that can lead to a security incident. The result of the assessment is increased awareness, decreased attack surface at the system-level, and a detailed roadmap for improved remediation.

CBI’s Vulnerability Assessment Helps Your Organization:

  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Test for vulnerabilities and gaps in your network security
  • Provide technical guidance to improve your security posture
  • Externally test for potential exploits from an outside attacker
  • Internally test to evaluate internal systems, apps, and networks
  • Learn a repeatable process for identifying and remediating vulnerabilities before they
    become an issue

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