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We Are CBI

For nearly three decades, our customers have come to rely on CBI as their trusted advisor to meet their unique needs with solutions from the best professionals in the industry. We are a privately owned, services-led team of individuals that are obsessed with cybersecurity and making this world a safer place for everyone.

Comprised of strategists, former CISOs & security experts, we eagerly spend our time and energy identifying and stopping would-be threats before they crop up on our clients’ radars. It‘s with this team of experts that we are able to deliver on our promise — to help defend and secure your network and endpoints; test and monitor areas of operational risk; and protect your data.

As a community-minded company, we strive to protect those around us from domestic and international cyber threats, while giving back as much as we can at every opportunity. It’s why we formed DART, our Detroit-based non-profit organization that strives to fill the operational “gaps” in the local charity community.

Our Culture


Core values at many companies are written once and put in a drawer to collect dust. At CBI, we discuss and live by our core values every day.

Honest, direct, confident, promises kept.

“Authenticity is a core value that is tremendously important to me both personally and professionally. It enables alignment between my team’s goals with that of the company. The ability to communicate in a transparent manner removes obstacles and creates synergy allowing me to focus on what I do best.”
Deborah J.

Clients First
Delight our clients and deliver value, every time.

“Putting clients first isn’t just a slogan, it’s one of CBI’s core values.  With a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, including professional and managed services and a team of renowned professionals, CBI is a trusted cyber-security authority.  As a former client, CBI was my preferred cyber-security partner.  Today, I have the privilege of meeting customers to talk about their technology and cyber-security challenges and help with a wide range of solutions.  We look forward to serving our rapidly-expanding client base with a client-first approach and a focus on delighting our customers”!
Kurt G.

Blue Collar Work Ethic
Come to work ready to work hard, no task is below you.

“In the Project Management Department, we practice a Blue-Collar Work Ethic by doing all that we can to meet and exceed client expectations. A lot of time and team effort goes into planning and facilitating a successful project. Whether it’s collaborating with Client Stakeholders or working after hours to ensure strict deadlines are met; our team will do all that it takes to never miss a deadline and to ensure project success.”
Cori C.

Performance-Based Culture
Critical thinking that helps exceed company goals.

“Every day I strive towards perfection for my clients. No matter what the task or endeavor, I commit to putting forth excellence in everything I do. This performance-based culture helps promote a level of professionalism and expertise that is hard to find in other companies.”
Shaun B.

Our Clients

We’re proud to serve clients in multiple industries, including auto, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, professional services and more.

Our clients range from small companies to large enterprises, and they hail from all over the nation and beyond, although they are largely concentrated within 300-mile radiuses of our home base cities of Detroit, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Atlanta, and Dallas.

“The project went exactly as planned in terms of timing and deliverables.”

Tim Chavis | CIO
Lawrence Technological University
Experiencing the CBI Effect for 4 years


We proudly serve the clients across all sectors, including:

Not only do we understand the complexities, regulations and compliance necessary for each sector, but we have proven strategies, policies and practices to ensure your cybersecurity no matter what industry you’re in.

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